Let Those Creative Juices Flow: New Writing & Art Prompts on Twitter

Hi friends! We’re excited to resume our poetry & art prompts today on Twitter. Every Monday and Friday, look for three new prompts to inspire, challenge, & motivate you in your writing & art projects. You can browse our previously posted prompts on Twitter, or find the most recent tweets here at our website on the sidebar.

We believe that creativity leads to creation, that inspiration leads to words & images on the page. At Fire Tetrahedron, we want to help you in all your creative efforts.

Find us on Twitter: @FireTetrahedron

(Remember, too, that we are now accepting submissions for Issue Two! Send us your best poetry, translations, photography, & art related to the theme of “gold.” More information on Issue Two is available in our post, Looking at You, Issue Two, or on our Submit page.

Consider purchasing an issue or subscription to the journal, as well! You won’t regret it.)

Looking at You, Issue Two

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Poets & Artists!

Hopefully the long weekend will provide you lots of time to write, create, & submit work to literary journals. As you’re making your list of go-to publications, make sure to add Fire Tetrahedron: Journal of Poetry & Art! We are now accepting submissions for Issue Two, due out in Fall 2016.

Issue Two will be a slightly different beast than Issue One– Issue Two will focus on the theme of “gold.” Think about its history both as a metal and as a cultural object for people around the world. Humans have manipulated and forged it for millennia.  At its heart, gold typifies the focus of Fire Tetrahedron: nature & culture twisting, shaping, & changing each other. Keep in mind, too, that creative license is encouraged, as with any theme. Even tenuous connections to “gold” may fit well in this issue.

Submissions received through March 1, 2016 will be considered for Issue Two.  Additional guidelines can be found here.

In the meantime, we encourage you to order a copy of Issue One or purchase a year subscription to Fire Tetrahedron! Through September 15, 2015, you will receive an Early Bird Special on all orders: Issue One is $8; One-Year Subscriptions (Issues One & Two) are $12.  Check out our Subscribe page for more details.

Happy Labor Day, friends! Good luck with all your creative projects, and we look forward to receiving your Issue Two submissions!

Discounted Subscriptions Through September 15th!

Exciting news, friends! We are offering a 20% discount on all issues & subscriptions through September 15th, 2015!

Issue One will be released in Spring 2016, and trust us, you need to pick up a copy. The amount of creative power & artistic panache in Issue One will stun you. We can’t wait to share these works with the literary & art world!
For more information or to purchase your subscription, check out our Subscribe page.

Welcome to Fire Tetrahedron!

Fire Tetrahedron is a brand new print and electronic journal dedicated to sharing and exposing (shall we say, illuminating) those spaces where nature and culture collide: A steel bridge spanning a wide, rolling river; a momentary meeting with a tiger at the zoo; the toys a child leaves behind as she plays through her backyard hardwoods. These places verge on combustion– the dichotomy between the natural and the human often creates a friction or awkwardness not easily swallowed or understood. We want to take all the elements of fire –artwork as fuel, poetry as oxygen, this journal as heat– and generate a chain reaction that flickers through your actions and awareness.

We are currently accepting submissions for our first issue, which will be released in Spring 2016. We encourage poets and artists to send us their best work that, in one way or another,  satisfies our curiosity regarding our place in the world and our interactions with it. Set us aflame. We dare you.